Furspots Updates 11/23/08

By popular request, we're going to start trying to announce the major changes and fixes we make to the site here, to try and keep everyone up to day.

Today I checked in a medium-sized update where hte main new feature was the option to switch between view and edit modes for pages you own. This allows you to see your userpage as others would see it, and then switch to another mode to make changes to it. There's a button on the upper-left of the page (under the header) that controls this mode.

We also fixed quite a few bugs (Those will be listed in these updates specifically in the future, once we're better-organized) and there were also a number of small formatting and UI changes, like making the pictures on the character list align better, and more clearly marking quoted text in a reply message.

If you have any questions or concerns or ideas, feel free to let us know, either here or using the feedback form on the site.

Furspots Feature Focus - Character Groups

Hi everyone! First I want to thank you all for the testing and feedback you've done. It's really been a lot of help getting all the issues ironed out, and we appreciate your effort and suggestions. We hope you've noticed some improvement in the site already, and there's a lot more we're working on behind the scenes.

So, this post is going to be the first in a continuing series where I'm going to talk about some of the stuff Furspots can do that's new, interesting, or just a bit unclear. Since the site is not only a somewhat new idea, but also rather lacking in detailed explanations right now, I figured this is a good way to get some information out there until we figure out how to work it into the site itself. As with everything else, feedback is greatly appreciated.

The first topic I'm going to cover is Character Groups. You may have noticed the 'groupings' section on the character profile page, between the description and the friends lists. The idea behind this is to allow you to associate your characters together. When you add a new character in Furspots, no one but you can tell who that character belongs to. This allows you to show off the profile for one character without worrying that whoever sees it will find out a bout all your other characters too.

But sometimes you might want characters to be associated together. Say you have a set of characters for a certain story, or maybe just a bunch of public MUCK alts. That's where character groupings come in. Head to the groups management page (http://furspots.com/groups) and you'll see a list of your characters down one side, and a place to add groups next to it. Click the box to add a group, give it a name, then drag the characters you want in the group into that box. Now, that group name will show up on all those characters' profile pages. With today's update, this also shows a list of all the characters in that group. Don't worry, private characters won't show in this list to anyone but you, and friends-only characters will still only show to your friends.

If anyone has any questions or thoughts about this feature, or anything else, feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks, and have fun!